If you are tourist, you will be suprised that there is more than beaches, parties, sightseeing points. There is also a lot of nature with many diffrent animals
If you are local and you see the fantastic nature every day, you will maybe suprised, what kind of diffrent animals are living there.

On the greek island Kos you will find a lot of wildlife in diffrent areas. It is possible to find animals like birds, lizards, butterflies etc. Below we want to describe some known areas. Tourists will find them also in the tourist guide.

Why is Kos so interesting for bird whatching and photography?
Kos is on the migration route from the south to the northern European countries and back during spring and autumn. So sometimes it is possible to find birds which are doing a rest on their route. And also some of them are spending the winter on this island.

Alykes Wetland

Alykes Wetland is located between the towns Tigaki in the east and Mastihari in the west. There was a saline to produce salt. This was stopped 1989 and now only the lake is left. There is a small canal from the saline to the sea. With them the lake is fed with sea water. Depending on the season there is more or less water. Accordingly you can find animals like birds. Very famous for this area are the flamingos. They spend the winter here regularly.
Alikes wetland are reachable from Tigaki.

It is important to mention that this area has been a Natura 2000 nature reserve since 2002! More information about Natura 2000 you find here: https://natura2000.eea.europa.eu/. And here you will find the report for this.

Kefalos area

The peninsula Kefalos is not very developed yet. If you visit this area you will find a different impression like other parts from Kos. It is rocky and you will find wild plants and not many houses. That means also that not all roads are paved or in a good condition. Good for some animals, isn’t it? If you are lucky, you could find some birds of prey flying.

Mount Dikeos

What also applies to the Kefalos area also applies to Mount Dikeos. It’s rocky and not very developed. So also here it’s possible to find a lot of animals.

Plaka forest

A popular destintion by locals and tourists as well is the plaka forest. It is a wood with pine trees and is located next to the mainroad between Antimachia and Kefalos. Also the airport is close. This area is famous for the peafowls you can find here. Residents are helping them by giving them food. If you want also help them you with a donation.

Of course you will find also other animals as well

Psalidi Wetland

The Psalidi Wetland is similar to Alikes Wetland. It is a small lake surrounded by reeds. The area is also fenced. Besides he the walking way you can find a small house for observing the birds. The lake fills with rainwater in winter and is normally dry in summer.

Here is also important to say, that the area is a Natura 2000 nature reserve since 2002! Here you will find the report for this.

You will find this wetland in the north of the island and is reachable from the main road from Kos town to Aigos Fokas/Empros therma.

Other places

Of course there are also other places like the described above. For example it is always possible to see birds of preys like buzzards hunting on fields. As well if you are visiting excavation sites, you should watch carefully around. Maybe there are some lizards between the stones. Here we can mention the fortress of Antimachia. This is already very overgrown.