We, Konstantinos and Stefan got to know each other from a Facebook group about bird photography in Kos. 2019 we met us in Kos for a coffee and talked about photography, wildlife etc. – in short: about our hobby.

We quickly realized that there is no (actual) information about the wildlife in Kos. If you are looking for some facts about the animals or possible places you will find only some tourists guidelines, (personal) blogs, old theads in forums about bird photography etc. That means, interested people can not find (easily) material. If you would ask a tourist what they can do on Kos, they would not imagine what beautiful nature everybody could find. Also very often locals are not aware about this.


At this point we startet the first time to think about a information platform like a website or other possibilities. The goal should be to inform interested people – locals and tourists as well – what kind of animals everybody could find. And why it is so important to protect and to take care about the nature, the habitat or resting places.

Our ideas had to mature first. But with beginning of spring 2020 we started to create this website.

Some thoughts

Yes, we know it’s a double-edged sword: The balancing act between education, awareness raising and protecting animals is difficult. So we want to show you which animals we found on our photo trips.

Nevertheless, we believe that only through education we can ensure that all people appreciate nature. Especially when an animal that is not very common is sighted.

But please understand if we do not want to reveal the exact location of our findings. We want also protect the anmials. Above all if they have chosen Kos as their breeding area.